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Yamaha DCP4V4S EU sterownik do matryc MTX sterownik do matryc MTX

Yamaha DCP4V4S EU sterownik do matryc MTX sterownik do matryc MTX

Yamaha DCP4V4S EU

Cyfrowy panel kontrolny do procesorów z serii MTX z możliwością montażu na ścianie, wyposażony w 4 potencjometry głośności oraz 4 przełączniki. Łatwe połączenia, dzięki CAT5, obsługującemu RS485 + zasilanie do 1 procesora MTX można podłączyć maksymalnie 8 paneli DCP
Yamaha DCP4V4S

Designed primarily for multi-zone commercial installations, MTX Series matrix processors are equipped with flexible processing functions that are essential to a wide variety of applications such as retail stores, restaurant/bars or banquet rooms. Responsible for the primary processing functions at the heart of your system's design, MTX processors allow you to configure, program, and manage your entire sound solution via the intuitive interface of the accompanying MTX Editor software application. The series is comprised of two models with varying DSP capacities and expansion capabilities, allowing MTX processors to meet the demands of a truly impressive range of commercial environments.


• 4 Volume & 4 Switch equipped Wall Mount Control panel for MTX Series
• Easy connection by CAT5 carrying RS485 + power
• Maximum 8 DCPs can be connected to 1 MTX Series


• Connectors: 2x RJ45
• Wiring: Max cable length up to 200m, Up to 8 controllers per 1MTX with CAT5 cable
• Control: RS485, Power over Ethernet
• Dimensions (WxHxD) (with plastic cover) : 147x86x47mm (5.8”x3.4”x1.9”)
• Not including wall box
• Weight: 175g (0.39lbs)

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