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Yamaha 11B4 GP ustnik do trąbki złocony

Yamaha 11B4 GP ustnik do trąbki złocony

Ustnik do trąbki złocony Yamaha 11B4 GP

Yamaha 11B4 GP gold plated trumpet mouthpiece
A brass instrument mouthpiece is much more than an add-on or accessory. As interface between artist and instrument, it can mean the difference between mediocrity and mastery. Yamaha 11B4 GP have been created especially for professionals who require superior quality from their mouthpiece. The 11B4 mouthpiece features an innovative shape and extra-heavy goldplate finish for players who prefer a focused, concentrated tonal core.

Backbore: semi-narrow
Characteristics: Helps generate brilliant sound on D and piccolo trumpet.
Cup depth: semi-shallow
Rim contour: semi-flat
Rim inner diameter(mm): 16.46
Rim thickness: standard
Throat (mm): 3.65
Yamaha 11 B4 GP (gold) Trompeten- Mundstück

Mundstück für Trompete

• GP Serie
• vergoldeter Rand, Kessel und Bohrung
• Innendurchmesser: 16,46 mm
• Randkontur: semi-flat
• Kesseltiefe: semi-shallow
• Bohrung: 3,65 mm
• Rückbohrung: semi-narrow

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