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Yamaha RK1 uchwyty rackowe do mikserów Yamaha

Yamaha RK1 uchwyty rackowe do mikserów Yamaha

Uniwersalny uchwyt pozwalający na zamontowanie miksera w 19' racku lub szafie sprzętowej.

Pasuje między innymi do:
• Yamaha 01v96
• Yamaha EMX5000/12
• Yamaha 01v
• Yamaha MX12/4
• Yamaha MX12/6

Yamaha RK-1 rack mount for DM1000, 01V96, LS9-16 (pair)

The RK 1Rack Mount Kit is designed for use with LS9-16, DM1000 and 01V96 Digital Consoles. Mount a Yamaha mixer securely in a rack with this custom-made hardware. When mounted in this kit, the mixer faces the front for easy access to all controls. Leave an open rack space above the mixer and route all of the cables out of your way and to the rest of your rack.

Dimensions: 66 x 15.2 x 15.2 centimetres
Weight: 2.72 kg

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