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Yamaha TR 11B4 ustnik do trąbki

Yamaha TR 11B4 ustnik do trąbki

Yamaha 11B4 ustnik do trąbki
Ustnik Yamaha Standard Series do trąbki

Średnica wlotu kielicha: 16.46mm
Przepust: 3.65mm
Kształt brzegu kielicha: półpłaski
Brzeg kielicha: standardowy
Głębokość kielicha: średnio płytka
Kanał wylotowy: średnio wąski
Materiał: brass
Wykończenie: posrebrzany
Yamaha 11B4

Produced using the most advanced computer design and manufacturing technology, the Standard Series mouthpieces feature unmatched precision, smooth attack, secure control, and easy playability. They have the ideal weight for all-around usage and are available in over 100 configurations. There’s a Yamaha mouthpiece to suit every player.

• Rim Inner Diameter: 16.46
• Rim Contour: Semi-flat
• Rim Thickness: Standard
• Cup Depth: Semishallow
• Throat (mm): 3.65
• Backbore: Seminarrow
• Playing Characteristics: A somewhat shallow cup and medium rim for extra endurance. Brilliant tone. Suitable for D, Eb, and piccolo trumpets.
Yamaha 11B4 Mundstück für Trompete

Mundstück für Trompete

• GP Serie
• vergoldeter Rand, Kessel und Bohrung
• Innendurchmesser: 16,46 mm
• Randkontur: semi-flat
• Kesseltiefe: semi-shallow
• Bohrung: 3,65 mm
• Rückbohrung: semi-narrow

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